About me#

I’m computational biologist @ CRG in Barcelona. I’m developing Machine Learning methods to detect RNA modifications from Nanopore sequencing.

Personally, I’m happy, proud (and mostly exhausted than not) father of 2 year old.

I’m passionate about nature, music and IT.

Here, I’ll mostly write about IT-related topics, focusing on self-hosting. I decided to gradually ditch all privacy-sensitive cloud services:

  • mastodon (hopefully self-hosting it soon) instead of facebook and twitter

  • immich to backup/share photos and videos (instead of google photos)

  • nextcloud for file backup/sharing and coworking (instead of google drive/docs)

All above are hosted from a mini PC, which is also used as home enterteinmend system.

Gradually, I hope to transfer here the content from the old blog.

You can interact with me via https://genomic.social/@lpryszcz .