Geotag your photos for free

Today slightly different topic. I was looking for a way of geotagging my photos. At first, I wanted to share GPS position from my phone to my camera via wi-fi. But it turned out to be impossible…

Then, I considered buying dedicated GPS dongle, but these are quite expensive and pretty useless, as they work only with given manufacturer and sometimes only with given camera model, and you have to carry (and re-charge) yet another gadget (sic!).

Recently I have realised there is much simpler solution. During my trips, I enable GPS tracking on my phone (ie. Endomondo) and shoot photos as usual. After going back home I get GPS info from Endomondo website (More options –> Export –> .gpx file) and update photos with geotags (ie. GottenGeography or digiKam under Linux).

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