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Create badges for workshop / conference attendees

Previously, I’ve written on how to create Abstract book easily. Today, another friend asked for help with generation of badges for attendees of a conference he is co-organising. We have automatised the process for #NGSchool. You can find templates and code in my github repo.

First of all, for our courses we need to create user accounts for all participants in remote machines. Therefore we decided to print user data (username and auto-generated password) on the back of every badge (easy to fold). And since user data are auto-generated, we can easily create user accounts in remote machines using newusers. But for a conference, this can be skipped.

All you need to have to start is

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Create book of abstracts from spreadsheet / google forms

Lately a friend of mine complained about interoperability of abstract submissions from numerous applicants.

Having the Book of Abstracts is crucial and we faced similar problem organising #NGSchool events.

Note, you’ll need to be somewhat familiar with LaTeX in order to edit the main.tex file to your liking. If you are not afraid of that, the way to proceed is as follows:

A twitter post from @sj_capella: It might sound silly but it is worrying. We made available an abstracts template for a conference ... I have seen like 20~30 different formats (out of 75 submissions) which made me wonder about #Interoperability

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